Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Finally put the lid on this 4th axis thing - and Centroid probe app issue

Bloody finally, the last piece of the assembly is close to getting made - and whole thing close to completion.

Found another piece of 10mm loominum plate, this one 6061. Manually milled it down to size in the machine, then set up the CAM in Fusion. 

First set up the workpiece WCS origin:

And off we go.

All that remains now is to finish slapping all the screws in and actually do some 4th axis machining with it...

Slight problem with the new Probe App for Centroid:
Swissi's new probe app doesn't work quite as expected on my machine. 

After probing the Z coord with the native workpiece probing function, I thought I'd check out Swissi's equivalent function. It looked OK previously but here it was giving a 34mm offset. Lo and behold, that's the same as the offset saved in the tool length offset table. WTF - as Swissi pointed out, that value should be set to zero.

The problem is that some stupid idiot used the probe to set the tool length offset for Tool 10 (Renishaw probe). That needs to be set to zero so that the other offsets are relative to it. Anyone can see that - apart from The Stupid Fat Bloke obviously. 

Well that's cleared up at least. It means I have to either remeasure the tool lengths or manually adjust them all. I'll just remeasure them all, as I often do that anyway out of paranoia.

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