Thursday, 16 July 2020

4th axis - internal cabinet wiring - motor side harness

This cabinet is getting a bit messy now, having been buggered about a fair bit along the way. At some point I may even be tempted to rewire the Acorn controller. This is where you start to realise you should have bought a bigger box. 

The Yaskawa Servopack is the finned device on the left of the cabinet, just above the (yellow) servo drives for the X, Y and Z axes.

I've drilled the hole for the round connector at the bottom right of the cabinet. When the 4th axis is not in use, I don't want the connector getting sprayed with coolant and swarf. And when it is in use, I don't want the connector sticking out into the work area and getting snapped off. It should be OK here.

Now let's wire up the encoder connector. Although I bought a solder pin version of this connector from Farnell, I only bought one of them (uncharacteristically). I will leave that one on the other servo motor and reuse the connector that came with the motor. I need to insert several meters of cable between the motor and the servo drive, so off they come - and onto the cable that resides inside the cabinet.

Job done. Could be worse.

So this is the short cable harness that runs between the circular connector on the cabinet and the the servo drive itself, ready to be fitted into the cabinet. 

Now onto the other side of the bulkhead. One end needs to be spliced into the motor encoder and phase connections, the other into the mating circular connector. Once that's done, I'll be able to job the motor, then move on to connecting the Servopack to the Acorn controller. 

Rufus approves:

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