Thursday, 23 July 2020

Blogger - revenge of the retard interns??

I don't know what sort of retards they are employing at Blogger these days but the "new look" interface was a disaster, loading your pictures in reverse chronological order for no good reason. The only way round it I could see was to order your pics in reverse within the pictures browser before selecting them, which is a royal and unnecessary ballache. An even simpler fix is stay with the "original" interface.

But no, the in-house retard interns seem to have got to that too. So if you stupidly paste a graphic into a page draft, it will get picked up by your mouse, no matter what you do - like when you are simply moving the mouse across a picture, like it or not. And you can't put the graphic down or deselect it. Where ever you move the mouse, the graphic follows you like a lost puppy, screwing up your text and pics as it goes.

It's always been a bit buggy to say the least but they seem keen to make it almost unusable. Left or centre justification of selected text never seems to work first time round and it can take a few goes to get photos etc correctly justified.

Now as I type this, each paragraph indents as I pass the mouse over it. What the **** are these arseholes playing at? Did they just **** it up and then go home? Do they ever test their own work?

And then we have the "saved but not saved" issue, where it claims to have saved your changes but you discover all the changes in your last session have f***ed off into the ether without any indication or means of recovery. That really doesn't impress either.

Rant over - for the time being.

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