Monday, 29 January 2018

New stepper motor for the 4th Axis

The new stepper arrived today - and so did the Taper Lock pulley. Time to check it works with the Leadshine driver and see if it is man enough to drive the rotary table.

Quick lashup on the bench. The cable hanging off the bench comes from the CNC controller. The handwheel MPG generates pulses to drive the Leadshine driver. That all seems to work.

This is the original motor. I need to remove it and modify the new motor to fit the existing register and drill / tap new fixings.

The flat bracket is welded to the baseplate, so not much danger of boring it out to suit the new motor. Instead, I'll dismantle the motor and turn down the register to suit the hole in the bracket - the diameter is 56mm. First, remove the end of the motor so I can mount it in the lathe:

Mount it in the 4-jaw and clock it up within a few thou. Not critical at all but why not do it right!

Also check it's roughly square to the spindle:

Double check:

Done - no hands! A nice tight fit in the hole:

Drill and tap 4 new M6 holes:

China's finest - not much in a stepper motor....

Reused the same bolts I used for the original motor:

It's now 19:24 ratio with the new pulley. The belt length is a bit more sensible.

Seems able to run the table at a usable speed. It's not a servo so the top speed will be a bit limited. Need to set up the controller parameters now....

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