Friday, 7 June 2019

Saving CAM simulation stock for next operation

Using part-machined bodies for the next CMC setup:
How to save simulated stock as solid for use in next setup. Or another explanation.

But there's a better way, shown here by John Saunders:

They could do with making this a bit more seamless. If that saving the file, inserting it into the design as a mesh and then referencing it as a body worked best. Trying the NYCCNC method resulted in a bizarre error message about the model not being closed or somesuch. Interestingly, there was a bug fix in yesterday's update that seems to suggest a problem relating to stock models and mesh bodies.

This works well. After finally running the part (hence including any final finessing of the toolpaths), you can save the part-machined component as a solid (mesh) and then use this as the stock model for the next setup:

  • On the simulated part, right click to save the stock model. 
  • Then import it into Fusion (Insert > Mesh). 
  • Finally, in CAM setup for the next setup, choose stock from model and select the mesh body from the component tree. 

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