Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Chinesium touch tool device re-embowelled!!

Right, start off making a replacement shaft. No 5mm stock of any form, so my first thought was to find an M5 stainless bolt but I don't have anything long enough. Have some 6mm loominum stock, so let's use that. Not as durable as hardened, ground steel but won't risk doing so much damage if The Stupid Fat Bloke runs amok again. Besides, I don't expect I'd manage to turn my 1/4" mystery stainless (303?) to leave a decent finish.

There - alongside the broken original.

With the bits for each end

Yoke assembled

Less going on in here. The dog can see the rabbit.

Almost fully assembled. Just needs the bell end and cable.


Not to overlook the broken reference probe. Not actually used by me as a setting tool but I use it to sanity check that I have my tool lengths correctly set.

There you go - another piece of 6mm loominum put to good use:

Good. Now I'm back to where I was 24h ago. 

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