Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Chuck fixings - more chuck body machining

Got the backplate finished (finally). Looks good but as you can see, there are some features missing. My plan was to machine holes in the front of the chuck so I can fasten it to the backplate. There is no room to fit rear bolts. Arc Euro don't sell front fitting chucks at this size.

This is a cast iron body. Being round, I need some way of holding it in the vise such as a pair of vee blocks. I don't have anything suitable but I have these soft jaws that were made and used for making something a while ago. I forget what exactly.


I need to drill through the full depth of the body, then counterbore them out to fit the screw heads. So that body is upside down. And I will do best to CNC the holes and the counterbores.

First, I need to dial in the new Chinesium tip for the Renishaw probe. This requires a sensitive DTI that has a very light spring load, so the probe doesn't move when in contact.

Then set up the body with one of the slots aligned with the Y axis. 

Set the original in the centre of the bore, on the top face:

First, spot drill the 3 holes to reduce the risk of the drill wandering, as it's a 58mm deep hole. 

Here we go...

That worked out OK

Followed by counterbore and chamfer. Then doctor the screws to the correct length and diameter. I only have 3 screws the correct length and 2 of them are button heads. A quick session in the lathe got them to the right diameter.


Done. I need to clean and reassemble the chuck but it all goes together as planned.

Next - finally get the servo motor working?

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