Thursday, 11 June 2020

Machining the 60T timing pulley

On the face of it, this isn't exactly a challenging job. Bore out the centre to 36mm, counterbore the mating face to fit the harmonic drive input shaft and drill the 6 holes for the six M3 fixings. The through holes need to be fairly accurate, particularly the starting position. The holes are fairly deep (30mm), so a spot drill would be sensible, to get them started in the correct position. I'll drill them starting from the mating surface, as those positions are more critical than the positions of the screw heads themselves.

Here we go:

Bang a nice 25mm drill through the middle:

Bore out to 36mm:


Spot drill the hole centres and drill through 3.5mm (for M3 clearance). Set it up carefully using the Renishaw probe:

The 4mm spot drill will only just create the dimples without hitting the edge of the register, so their position is critical.

Deburr - job done. Nice:

Those fixing holes are spot on, despite the jobber length Banggood drill I used. 

Right - next....

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